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Artistic Development

In love with Jesus? Can't keep it to yourself? Let's do this together and explore your God-given gifts!

Record Mix Master

The creative process can be daunting. We aim to make it easy.

We are so often taking raw ideas from a cellphone and transforming  those ideas into a polished master. Our desire to work with your ideas and preferences to create the grand vision you have for your project

Old Meets News

Working in a hybrid analog digital environment is the best of both worlds.  We utilize the latest and time tested techniques to get your music sounding just how you want it. Warning! Highly experimental sounds are likely to happen here. Sunshine Studio located in a peaceful country setting so we can concentrate on what matters most -The Music!

Missing Something?

You’ve  started a track but it just needs something more. We have the gear and expertise to provide you with a handcrafted original instrument track that will suit your production style using fully hybrid analog /digital recording and mixing. I can provide  you what you need  in a timely manner.  Just contact us!

Chris Lewis

I am driven to find that sound with you. I have honed my listening skills to a fine point. Iv’e worked in several major studios as an engineer. In this new day of digital recording, I’m uniquely positioned to offer you my ears and gear to see your dream of music come true

What we do


Christopher Lewis

Producer, Engineer and Multi-Intsrumentalist. Mastermind of
Recently, I was impressed by God to spread his message to the world through music and media. I do things a little differently. Constantly on the hunt for fresh new sounds. I feel Christian music could be the truest art form, free from trend following, completely original, prophetic and pleasing to God.


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